The act of resurrection in the Empire is a are, though not unheard of art, and is less practiced than it was in the Age of Heroes. This is partially the result of there being fewer beings who are magically skilled enough to perform the act, though the prohibitive cost of the necessary ingredients also plays a factor in the rarity of the act.

If one has the money and the skill or can find a willing person to perform the spell, either in the ancient groves or in the large cities at the temples, a resurrection can be performed. There are however, limitations to what the spells can do. They cannot be used to grant additional years of life to those who have passed away due to old age, as once the mortal’s time one the earth has been used up, the gods, and nature will not heed the call. Instead, it is used for those who have had their lives cut short, typically by violent means.

Furthermore, it is often considered rude to resurrect someone who has passed on as most tend to go to whichever domain the gods that they worship reside in. Taking back a mortal from the gods can be considered a grave offence and occasionally earns their wrath in the form of curses to both the person performing the resurrection as well as those who attempted it. Finally, a resurrection may not work if the person being resurrected does not wish to return to the realm of the living. In this case, the reagents for the spell are still consumed in the attempt.

Though technically resurrection falls under the purview of necromancy, it is one of the few rituals not associated with the Black College in the Empire.

Those few who have returned from the beyond typically remember nothing from their time in the afterlife. They do however, remember dying, typically in the most vivid fashion as a memory that never becomes diluted with time. This often changes people in some profound way, and their friends and family find that the person has changed considerably in their demeanour upon returning to life. Death and returning to life are often traumatic experiences, especially to have back to back.


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