William "Billy" Gerard

A young painter


Billy is a young man of slender build.


William was raised by his mother Emelda after his father left to seek his fortune in a mercenary company. Money was sent home at first which Emelda used to pay for a proper education for her son and Billy learned to read and write, as well as the histories of the Empire. He took a special interest in heraldry and poetry. One day the money stopped coming in and Emelda was forced to work two jobs in order to put food on the table and maintain Billy’s education. Nearly a year ago, the strain had a poor impact on her health and she was no longer able to support the family. Billy took it upon himself to go to work and support his mother as she supported him.

Billy has a natural talent for painting and drawing, though he found little opportunity to utilize this gift. He briefly worked on the basilisk team at the nearby quarry, painting faces on large chunks of stone to trick a special breed of basilisk to turn the worthless rock into precious marble. Unfortunately, an earthquake damaged the basilisk cage and the basilisk was able to get free. Following that, Billy worked for much reduced pay to make ends meet by performing physical labour at the quarry. While the pay was a pittance compared to what he had been earning before, it was the only job he was able to obtain that could put food on he and his mother’s table.

His luck changed again when the Thorns returned to the quarry and offered Billy a job at very generous pay. He used the money he received up front by the Thorns to pay off his mother’s debt and began work immediately. His first task was to create a comprehensive map of the city and he has relished this challenge, though it often requires him to be light of foot so as not to attract unwanted attention. The streets of Ferros are still dangerous after all.

Billy is able to forge documents and research on behalf of the guild. He is also able to spread and acquire rumours and information.

William "Billy" Gerard

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