Melanie De'Voir

A talented gilder, and wife of Badger


A well-kept and fair woman of wealth.


Melanie De’Voir is the wife of Badger Cobblesprocket-De’Voir following an agreed upon marriage contract negotiated by the mothers of Melanie and Badger. She is polite, graceful and skilled at negotiation and etiquette.

Melanie has divulged surprisingly little about herself despite Badger’s best efforts, though she has admitted that while her skill lies in gilding, she has little passion for it. And that one day, when she passes the business on to one of her children, she still pursue her true passions, which may or may not lead her to studying magic.

Badger offered to teach his wife what he knows of magic, but Melanie politely declined, due to Imperial law forbidding the instruction of magic from non-sanctioned sources and from knowing Badger for more than two minutes.

Melanie De'Voir

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