Lord Drake Worthington

An easily distracted noble scholar


Lord Worthington frequently appears as a disheveled individual, paying little attention to his appearance.


Drake Worthington was born as the soul heir to the Worthington family. A natural intellect and a reader from a young age, he was afforded the best tutors in Ferros. His thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and he is often lost in some book or another. Worthington is perhaps Ferros high society’s best kept secret as he is unmatched in his knowledge of history, languages, religion, and archeology of the ancient world. Unlike scholars at the universities of the Empire who socialize to share what they know, Worthington remains an untapped resource of knowledge, not for selfish gain, but because he simply cannot be bothered to be distracted from his books long enough to visit with other scholars and their silly hypotheses. Despite his obsession and tendency to lock himself in his library for weeks at a time, Lord Worthington is a kind man eager to share what he knows with any visitors who drop by, particularly if they wish to discuss something of interest to him. More than a few people seeking donations have suffered through his long winded discussions in order to secure money from the man, though they often have to go through Mask in order to do so.

Lord Worthington keeps no staff at the house save for Mask as he lives alone and has few needs other than those requiring basic necessities. As such, his manor appears to be in some disrepair leading the other nobles of Ferros to believe that he has fallen into poverty. This couldn’t be further from the truth as his family owns significant property in the city and collects tariffs from many of the legitimate businesses in the well-to-do areas of the city. As Drake does not really spend his money on a lavish lifestyle or opulent shows of status, his fortune has only been growing, tended to by bankers that continue to reinvest into new and profitable enterprises on Worthington’s behalf. Paradoxically, Worthington is cornerstone of the city’s economy though he never tends to get involved in city business. Should this information ever get out, he would become one of the most eligible bachelors in the Empire.

Lord Worthington is an ally and something of a patron of Thorns; he agrees with the sentiment that a centralized, well-regulated thieve’s guild will reduce chaos in Ferros.

After a successful archaeological dig at an ancient Dwarven Fortress, Lord Worthington found himself in possession of a large quantity of gold. Civic-minded fellow that he is, Drake wanted to donate the money toward the rebuilding effort in the wake of the Great Fire of Tanner’s Alley. However, as The Thorns had assisted in making the dig site safe, Drake asked their advice, and the Thorns convinced to donate a third of the fortune to the Duke of Ferros, rather than the whole sum, with the remaining thirds going to the refugee camp established by Sir Byron Alexson and to the Thorns themselves, to start a construction company to provide low-cost, safe housing.

Lord Drake Worthington

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