Lilly O'Reilly

A matronly militia leader


Lilly’s story begins with tragedy but has grown into triumph. Her mother gave her life giving birth, she was raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather a retired soldier turned farmer vowed he would not make the same mistake with Lilly as he did with his own daughter and began training in the art of sword play at a young age.

Lillys fame grew right around her 14 birthday, in Southyshire fall is know as raiding season when it should be known as harvest. The nobles who own the land and should protect it have decided that its cheaper to allow orc raiders to take what they can carry as dead soldiers cost more than dead farmers. Lilly started to form a militia of sorts with her fellow half orcs and defended the farms of Southyshire.

A year later she married Graytooth and gave birth to twins, Decklin and Marry. Graytooth is an atypical half orc, being raised by orcs he saw his human mother raped and tortured until she passed away. Once he finally escaped his captors he vowed he would walk the path of pacifist and began hes quest for knowledge. He now runs a school for half orcs in Southyshire.

Lilly O'Reilly

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