James Wainwright

A father, and a skilled craftsman


James Wainwright appears as a weathered, well-built man in his mid-forties. He is often covered in sawdust and grease from wagon axles.


James is a carpenter by trade and learned construction from his father. Seeking to become an adventurer, he set out on his own at a young age having a few brief adventures, but didn’t get far before his limited funds ran out. Eventually, James settled in the city of Ferros taking up a trade to maintain a steady flow of income for his son whom he’d fathered during a brief tryst with an Elven woman. James took up his family’s trade of wagon construction and owns a small house and workshop in the Tanner’s District of the city.

James is a perfectionist when it comes to his trade which often lead to frustrations when trying to teach his son Clark Wainwright the family craft as Clark tends to daydream while working. Clark’s skills haven’t progressed much past the point of handing his father tools while getting yelled at. Despite differences in work ethic and life choices, James and his son do have a close relationship though much of stress in James’ life is caused by his son’s tendency towards socialist rabble rousing.

James home and business were destroyed by the fire in Tanner’s Alley, which also took the life of James’s friend and employee Falcor Farthrower. James was displaced to the refugee camp directed by Sir Byron Alexson, and even though he was injured in the fire, it wasn’t long before James’s work ethic impelled him to help at the camp.

James Wainwright

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