Falcor Farthrower

A dwarven builder


Falcor is a muscular dwarven man in his prime. He doesn’t speak much.


Falcor is a tireless worker employed by James Wainwright. Falcor arrived in the city some time ago as part of the dwarven refugees, and took his time looking for honest building work. While he would eventually like to join on of the city’s builder’s guilds, he has to first earn the membership fees. For now, he contents himself crafting wagons with James Wainwright, and the two men get along well, as both men are competent workers and men of few words.

Falcor was killed in the fire that swept through the Tanner’s District that fateful night in Ferros when nearly 30,000 people lost their lives. The Thorns recovered an heirloom locket on Falcor’s body, presumably given to him by one of his children. The locket was given to James and he alluded that Falcor was predeceased by his children. James expressed regret over not being able to save Falcor from him fate.

Falcor Farthrower

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