Delaine Walker

An honest corpse collector


Delaine is a man of early middle age with a weathered look. He is of average height and build.


Delaine Walker is the proud owner and operator of Walker Corpse Collection, a small business operating out of his workshop and home in Tanner’s Alley. He is a husband and father of two and works hard to put food on the table and keep the roof in repair. Delaine considers himself an honest man in a dishonest city, a trait which he believes sets him aside in the business world. The belief seems to have paid off recently when he was approached by the “nobleman” Lord Briarthorn, who, along with his sister, invested into Mr. Walker’s business, drastically increasing his productivity and his earnings.

Delaine collects the bodies in the city and moves them outside of the walls to await identification by family members of the missing people or if left for too long a time, to dispose of the bodies according to Imperial customs. Ferros has become a dangerous city of late, and many bodies are left in the streets come daylight. The city pays per body removed and the Walker corpse collection business has achieved a monopoly in the city thanks to some “Noble” backing. After The Great Fire of Ferros, Delaine moved his family outside of the city to live in tents for some time. Recently, he has moved into a newly constructed stone built workshop in Tanner’s Alley which was apparently provided for him by his patron and business partner, Lord Briarthorn.

Delaine Walker

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