Count Ferbin Rhyis

A militant noble


Count Rhyis is a stern, stoic man with a solid build of lean muscle. He moves with the practiced grace of an experienced warrior and has a loud steady voice suitable for giving orders on the battlefield.


Count Rhyis is an experienced battle commander and fought in several campaigns for the Empire under Emperor Tristan. It is a particular sore spot for him that the Empire’s flawless military history was brought to an end during his lifetime when the Empire lost the war against the small nation of Alterain to the north. He often speaks loudly and longly at social gatherings that if he had not been involved in the western front, against the nation of Zan, the war against Alterain would not have been lost. This may or may not be true, as Count Rhyis is a renowned warrior and general and doesn’t let morality get in the way of victory.

Count Rhyis greatly expanded his wealth and influence during the purge of the Thieves’ Guild in Ferros. While the paladins and city watch dispatched the thieves, Count Rhyis utilized the opportunity to attack many of the more legitimate and wealthy associates of the the Thieves’ Guild, confiscating their property for himself, in the name of the Emperor of course. While this was not specifically involved in the mandate of the purge to attack associated parties, the other nobles of the city quickly took similar opportunities to enrich themselves, though Count Rhyis had already targeted the most wealthy of the businesses.

Count Rhyis has many holdings and threatens his liege lord Duke Rodrick Karnack, with his power, wealth, and influence.

Count Ferbin Rhyis

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