Badger Cobblesprocket-De'Voir

A cheerful gnome wizard


“A quick wit and cheerful demeanor go far in a world dominated by people and creatures two or three times your size,” -Badger Cobblesprocket.

An alchemist, a tinkerer, blacksmith and wizard all rolled up into one, Badger is dedicated to a life of practicing magic, making wacky inventions for the tinker’s guild and earning a tidy profit.

His ego and narcissism are only matched by his bombastic boasts, fabrications and lies. Eager to take credit for every success and sliver of good news and generally oblivious to the harm and destruction he causes, he is an incorrigible flatterer and panders to the worst tendencies found among sentient species.

If he isn’t the direct cause of present chaos and anarchy, he tends to prefer to avoid it. When it comes to most schemes, he almost never thinks things through, save for the present immediate benefit to himself and gives little care for the consequences of his actions.

His preferred combat method is ‘charm and disarm,’ trying to turn foes into friends, which is good for one’s personal health and pocketbook. When pressed, he’s likely to try and make a deal before making an unceremonious retreat (fleeing in fear.)

After a thoughtless break-in attempt resulted in a disastrous fire, and Badger being culpable for the death of tens of thousands of citizens of Ferros, he was blessed by the Orcish deity, Grumsch, granting him strength and a greater affinity for causing fires, but cursing him with rage and ill-temper.

Badger Cobblesprocket-De'Voir

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