Alice Wright

Bar wench


Alice is a voluptuous young woman in her prime.


Alice has worked at the Rat’s Nest for as long as she can remember. Magdeline Flintjaw found her as a very young girl selling flowers on the streets for coppers. Seeing something industrious in the young orphan, she took her in and taught her how to cook, clean, iron and otherwise manage an Inn. Alice grew up with Tears and looked after her like an older sister.

Alice was greatly traumatized when Tears was killed right in front of her. She feels guilty that she was not able to help save her friend. Currently, she still works at the Rat’s Nest Inn and is one of the few people who know of Maggie’s ambitions for her Thorns.

With Maggie’s attention now diverted to the business side of the Thorns’ operations, Alice has been entrusted with the day to day operations of the Rat’s Nest Inn, though she has assisted Maggie more than once in less legitimate business.

She has developed a close friendship with William “Billy” Gerard, the awkward boy whom she finds different than any other man she’s met.

Alice Wright

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