Rogue Empire

Chapter 9: The Thieves' Guild

The Thorns utilize magical illusions, trickery, and blunt force trauma to whittle down the superior trained force they find themselves up against, though they narrowly survive the ambush they set for Count Ferbin Rhyis‘s men, and Clark Wainwright, the last Thorn standing loses consciousness from blood loss. Some time later the Thorns awake to find themselves in the same cage wagon they used to spring the prisoners, though this time, it is unlocked. One of the men driving the wagon introduces himself as Santos, the defacto leader of the rescued thieves and he thanks the Thorns for the rescue. Badger Cobblesprocket uses his convincing powers of persuasion to offer the thieves safe harbour at The Rat’s Nest Inn, as well as future employment as upstanding members of their up and coming Thieves’ Guild. Deciding it is best to get in on the ground floor of this endeavour, and with few other options from their newly acquired fugitive status within the Empire, the thieves agree and are inducted into the formal membership of the Thieves’ Guild.

Clarke drafts a formal charter for the Guild and all involved sign the document with the exception of Magdeline Flintjaw. Clarke tries unsuccessfully to guess at her reservations and ponders this to Gregory (Banner) Smith. Greg, with an in depth knowledge of Dwarven culture, informs him that it is likely due to the democratic nature of the charter, as the rise of Democracy among the Dwarves was widely believed to have caused the downfall of the Dwarven Kingdom, contributing to the Goblin Wars and causing the refugee crisis plaguing Ferros. In the Boneways, Greg sets to work training the newly acquired members in the basics of hand to hand combat and small unit tactics. Despite any former training, the thieves warm to Greg’s effective teachings and within two weeks, prove themselves to be an effective combat force.

During this time, the Thorns recover from their wounds and tend to personal business. Badger’s mother comes to town, having retired from her tailoring shop after entrusting the family business to her eldest daughter, Badger’s older sister. Maggie hosts a supper to mark the visit and Badger introduces his friends to his mother as business associates, though he is reluctant to explain the nature of their business. Clarke chimes in that they manage a small theatre group for select noble patrons. Badger’s mother insists that her time is best spent finding an appropriate woman of standing for Badger to marry. Badger eventually acquiesces.

After the supper, Maggie informs the group of a potential mission that could net the guild some important contacts and give them some much needed income.


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