Rogue Empire

Chapter 8: Networking

The Thorns regroup and catch each other up on their endeavours. Gregory begins forging a stylized long sword for Rhogar. Badger sells some loot to “his friend” Frank Codger, who sold Badger his stolen book of lore. Frank offers a modest sum for the loot provided that Lily smacks Badger. Lily obliged and Frank throws in one extra silver for her to do it again.

Clarke and Rhogar sell the gems and jewelled loot at Gundarson’s Goldsmiths, as he is a very honest jeweller. Maggie exchanges the coppers and silver pieces. The remaining loot is stored in the guild vault within the catacombs.

Maggie, the dwarves, and Lily complete the stonework beneath the inn, locking off a large portion of the catacombs into a secure location complete with reinforced doors that can be barred from within.

Clarke and Badger examine the artifacts looted from the noble’s house and learn that one is a cap of water breathing and that the other is a special set of goggles that allows the wearer to see in all but complete darkness.

Maggie offers some information about an opportunity. Count Rhyis is going to have some thieves hanged at his estate as a warning to other bandits and thieves in the county. As these thieves will be escorted out of the city for this purpose, a rescue could be attempted in order to increase the number of thieves in the guild.

Badger acquires the recipe to craft healing potions, though is dismayed to learn how expensive it is to craft them.

Clark, Lily and Gregory rent some horses and scout out the road to Count Rhyis’ estate. They find a small bridge over a stream that they decide will be the best ambush spot. After scouting, the party returns to the city. The party has little time to prepare so they head out and set the trap, though they have some trouble navigating the wagon, getting it stuck at one point before being able to free it.

The party successfully sets the trap, and the fight begins!


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