The Thorns are one of the gangs vying for power by creating a unified Thieves Guild. They are led by Magdeline Flintjaw and operate out of the Rat’s Nest, an inn located in the Labyrinth. The Thorns were so named by Clark Wainwright, one of the members with unanimous assent by the rest of the group.

Currently, the Thorns have access to the Boneways, the previously sealed off crypt system that runs under the streets of Ferros.

The Thorns have a standing agreement with the Alchemist’s Guild regarding 10% of the money they receive from an antidote for a basilisk’s gaze that they harness from a basilisk captured by the Thorns.

The Thorns owe a favour to Lord Drake Worthington to explore a set of ruins currently being excavated in exchange for the deed to the land that the Rat’s Nest Inn is built on.


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