Tag: Rogue


  • Yaril

    Yaril avoids direct combat preferring not to engage superior numbers. He attacks from a distance with darts and blowguns from shadowy recesses. The Thorns learned some of Yaril's history when they discovered some letters from Yaril's sister who invited …

  • Clark Wainwright

    Clark Wainwright is the result of an encounter between human peasantry and elven royalty - or so he imagines. In truth, Clark's father will say nothing of his mysterious elven mother, and no amount of pleading, cajoling, or wheedling will help. All that …

  • Santos

    Santos is the defacto leader of a group of thieves who were operating out of Ferros.

  • Milfay Undercobble

    Milfay is an experienced rogue who has survived several adventuring groups. In his old age, he prefers to work alone. Milfay has experienced countless adventures throughout his life, though rarely speaks of them. When pressed for details, he is purposely …