Rogue Empire

Chapter 18: The Gunpowder Plot
Missing corpses, and a massacre.

The group conspires on how to deal with the gunpowder “prophecy”. The decide to utilize the Cooper’s Gang and venture to the warehouse where they met Grandmother Cooper. Though she is not available, they meet her son, John Cooper. The party informs the man about the incoming shipment. He takes a laissez faire auttude about the affair and agrees to pay 20% of the take as a finder’s fee for the Thorns.

The party theorizes on the existence of a portal to the elemental plane of fire. They ask Vance Greyholm for his expertise. Despite his dislike of the Arcanist’s Guild, he begrudgingly admits that if such a portal exists, they would be the people to go to in order to deal with it. The party decides to go to Tanner’s Alley to try and find out of their theory is correct. They move through the smokey ash and begin their search at the Tipped Goblet, where The Great Fire of Ferros started. The Thorns find their theory was indeed correct when they accidentally step through the portal.

They arrive in a vast, bleached desert under a blinding sun. Two massive dragons do battle above them. Gouts of flame flare up wherever the blood of the titanic serpents touch the sands. The party beats a hasty retreat.

Deciding that Vance was correct, the party goes to the Arcanist’s guild and wins an audience with Reginald Briarcrest, a specialist in the elemental planes. They convince him of the presence of a portal to the elemental plane of fire. He vows to have the guild take action immediately and offers a reward in gold for the information.

The party decides to watch what happens from a discreet distance. They see Reginald and a part of 40 wizards, sorcerers, and arcane knights make their way to the portal. They are accompanied by the Black College Inquisitor and the stop and bind a number of fire elementals who approach them along the way. When the procession arrives at the portal, a fortress seems to appear out of nowhere around the site as the Arcanists form a perimeter around the area.

The party is ambushed by a fire elemental one the way home, but manages to overcome the creature. Quinn nearly succumbs to his wounds, but is saved by Badger’s skill in medicine, and Clarke’s speed and putting out fires. A large ruby is found in the ash remains of the elemental.

The Thorns return to The Rat’s Nest. Badger Cobblesprocket-De’Voir decides to stay at the Inn for the night and pays for a runner to inform his wife.

Payment of 1000 gold arrives at Badger’s house the next day along with a note suggesting Lord Rolf as a sponsor. Quinn introduces Badger to Lord Rolf. Lord Rolf’s contacts in the Alchemist’s Guild have informed him about Badger’s escapades. Badger convinces him that he would be a good person to sponsor anyway. Lord Rolf accepts a 600 gold bride and agrees to sponsor Badger into the Arcanist’s Guild.

The party investigates the missing corpses and sets up a watch at night outside of town where Delaine Walker has been placing the bodies to be identified before they are cremated. Corpses go missing, but Quinn doesn’t notice it when it occurs. That night, a low rumbling is heard in the distance from the direction of the city. When the party returns to the city, they find Ferros under lockdown. One of the watch towers being constructed in the Labyrinth was destroyed. Clarke shares his good with needy children and Quinn entertains the growing crowd outside of the city to help the weary travellers to pass the time. Watchmen are swarming the labyrinth. The party overhears rumours that Rapture’s Roughnecks are responsible, striking back against the watch for the losses in Shantytown, but leaving evidence of who was responsible behind.

The next night, the party tries again to catch the corpse thieves, and tries to set up traps. Unfortunately, this ploy fails and two more bodies go missing the night without the party noticing. In the morning, they find tracks leading toward the refugee tent city. A third night results in another two corpses missing, without the party catching the culprits. A massacre has occurred in the city in Shantytown. A group of vigilante city watch gathered together to kill a number of people suspected of being part of or allied with Rapture’s Roughnecks. Wounded citizens have sought sanctuary in the city’s temples. The guards involved were relieved of duty, then promptly recruited by the Coopers.

Clarke sets up a trap around the corpses using dried leaves. The party disguises themselves as corpses. Quinn hears some crunching from the leaves near him and illuminates the area with faerie fire. Two emaciated old Dwarven women with a body on a cot, drop their cargo and begin to run. Greg skewers one on a javelin and runs down the other. They question the survivor. She confesses that they were stealing the bodies for food as the people of the Dwarven tent city are desperate. Greg executes the woman for the crimes of cannibalism and defiling the sanctity of the dead. The Thorns go home, unsure of how to feel about their accomplishment.

Chapter 17: Trouble seeking
Treasure and visions.

Quinn is invited to an afterparty. He sends Gregory (Banner) Smith home.

Greg and Badger Cobblesprocket-De’Voir go to the Alchemist’s Guild and Badger bries the receptionist to get access to some txts and make an appointment with the new guild master to attempt to get his membership reinstated. Badger takes several hours to copy the texts while Greg wait patiently.

Clark Wainwright spends some time drinking. Milfay Undercobble informs Clark that Santos will likely be the best candidate to infiltrate the city watch.

Clark and Greg go to the Temple of Wee Jas, the Raven Queen. They question the priests about the mysterious burning deaths that have been plaguing the city. They learn that a man was carried to the temple covered in burn wounds who stated he had been attacked by a demon made of fire before passing away.

They investigate the Temple of Pelor as well where a senior acolyte says that she has heard rumours of burning attacks, but states it could just be gang related violence or people moving the bodies from The Great Fire of Ferros to spread fear.

They gather the rest of the party and go into the burned area of Tanner’s Alley to investigate. Deep in the district, overtop of a burnt-out leatherwork. The floor of the building gives way was the party walks over it and Greg and Badger fall into a basement. A Galley-Dur attacks them while Greg is pinned under rubble. A melee ensues and the party manages to defeat the creature.

The basement was once the headquarters of a gang called the Leatherboys and is well stocked in weapons and leather armour. A stash of treasure is found, mostly valuable artwork. The members of the gang died of smoke inhalation while they slept.

Greg guards the stash. Badger and Clark go to The Rat’s Nest where they gather Milfay and the recruits to move the weapons, armour, and treasure back to the Rat’s Nest.

As they group reenters Tanner’s Alley, Milfay tells everyone to hide, and the Thorns do so ably, a testament to their training. A massive Fire Elemental passes by, not noticing the humanoids.

The loot is moved back to the Inn. The next day, the Thorns go to Frank Codger to fence their art and purchase a scroll of identify for Badger. He copies it into his spellbook and later identifies some magical items in the loot including a wand of the war mage +1, a shield +1, a sentinel shield, and a pair of gloves of thievery. Clark offers Badger a “consulting fee” so that Badger can settle his household debts. Badger pays off his debt and the goes home to his wife to explain where he was the night before.

Greg received a letter from his sister Elissa Banner. The letter says that Elissa is coming to Ferros and would like to meet with Greg when she arrives.

Vance Greyholm completes a set of goggles of dark vision.e then starts work on a bag of holding. Greg does blacksmithing.

Badger is met with disappointment from his wife who explains she worries about Badger when he doesn’t come home. He counters that he had a breakthrough and couldn’t come home. His wife is surprisingly understanding but requests that Badger send a letter if he will not be returning. Badger has a vision while shaving of a wagon loaded with barrels of gunpowder coming into the city tomorrow.

Badger and Clark go to a temple to learn about the nature of divine visions.

Delaine Walker comes to the Inn looking for Lord Briarthorn’s man Greg. he tells Greg that bodies have been disappearing from the gathering area outside of the city, though none of them were burn victims.

Chapter 16: The Tulip of Ehlonna
Fraternizing, shopping, and a garden party.

The party bluffs their way back into the city, implicating that they were robbed by refugees.

Badger Cobblesprocket-De’Voir goes shopping with his wife Melanie De’Voir for household supplies and furniture. 400 gold is spent in promissory notes. Badger only has 20 gold left to his name.

The party goes to a tavern known as the Palmer’s Poison in order to find rumours about their wagon heist. They buy lunch for a group of 4 city watch and persuade them for information to learn that the group they ambushed were actually soldiers disguised as city watch. The crates that were stolen are rumoured to belong to the Black College, who will be sending an inquisitor to Ferros to investigate the attack.

Badger spends the evening decorating his home with his wife.

Clark Wainwright and Quinn go to the warehouse owned by the Falconers and speak with Mishka Kadjet where they commiserate over the Cooper situation. The Thorns inform her about the Black College and Clark makes a successful pass at Mishka, who seems at least somewhat receptive to the advance.

Quinn, Gregory (Banner) Smith, and Clark go to a tailoring shop to have Greg fitted for fine clothes, and they learn of potential opportunities to rob the nobility. They learn that Lord Rolf will be hosting a garden party in a few days time.

Quinn is told by Clark that he can learn Lord Rolf’s address from Lady Aurelie Selse if he appropriately impresses her. Quinn pays a visit to Lady Selse who is disappointed Quinn isn’t an assassin like some bards she has heard of. She uses him for his body for a few hours and then sends him on his own way with some gold as a reward for his “performance” along with Lord Rolf’s address.

Quinn gains admittance to Lord Rolf’s manor the next day and impresses Lord Rolf. He invites Quinn to the garden party as a guest. Quinn attends with Greg and meets many of the Nouveau Riche.

Lord Rolf shows his prized plant in the garden, the extremely rare Tulip of Ehlonna which blooms for mere moments before dying. Quinn overhears Lord Rolf make a wish as it blooms.

Chapter 15: The Offer
They can't refuse.

The party attempts to plan how to find the Coopers.

Shar “The Cold” enters The Rat’s Nest and Quinn greets her. Shar asks him to play a song about her and even though Quinn has never heard of her, he manages to improvise an excellent tune to sing her praises. Star tips Quinn and extends an offer to the Thorns to join the Coopers. She explains that her mercenary company has been hired by the Coopers, and that the Thorns are the last holdout in the Labyrinth. The mercenaries leave after delivering the message, providing an address to meet at with an answer the next day at noon. Some of the patrons reveal themselves to also be marauders and leave with Shar as she departs.

The group mulls over their options and decides to join for now in order to gather information about the Coopers. They meet Shar the next day at a square in the streets and agree to her terms. The meeting goes off without a hitch. Later, a group of “accountants” arrive to take stock of the Thorn’s assets. The group hides the catacombs and all of their recruits except for the Captains and Santos.

Badger convinces Alice Wright to hire some dependable servants for his household staff, as Maggie is out of town.

The group goes to meet Grandmother Cooper at a warehouse in the Labyrinth. She is sweet, but menacing and welcomes them into the fold. She has a test for them to earn their membership and prove their loyalty. She requests that they attack a guarded wagon coming into town the next day. They need to steal the contents of the wagon and implicate a rival gang known as the Rapture’s roughnecks. If they succeed, they will not have to pay the 10% of their earnings for the year. The contents of the wagon must be moved to a nearby beach where some boats will be waiting to pick up the cargo.

The group succeeds in waylaying the caravan and kill all but one of the city guards. They implicate Rapture’s Roughnecks which is the leading gang in Shantytown, per Grandmother Cooper’s wishes.

The crates are delivered to the coastal location where Dolan Kadjet of the Falconers picks them up. A brief conversation suggests that the Falconers are not overly enthused about working for the Coopers. The party heads home.

Chapter 14: Business Arrangements
Celebrations and memorials.

Badger Cobblesprocket-De’Voir gets married to Melanie De’Voir.

Clark Wainwright wakes up the next morning with Saraena Cobblesprocket in her hotel room. She thanks him, and compliments him before leaving to return home. Clarke sleeps for some time until his hangover clears somewhat and he is politely evicted by the hotel staff.

Badger takes a walk with his mother at her behest and she takes him to a manor she has purchased for him. He is taken aback, and she says that she is very proud of him before handing him the key to the home. The next morning, Badger’s mother bids her son and Ferros, farewell, returning to her home city of Trenton.

The Thorns reconvene. Clark is silent about his encounter with Saraena.

The Thorns perform their first division of treasure, doling out payment from the guild coffers. The captains are paid 80 gold each, and the other members are paid 40 gold each. Most of the recruits immediately spend some of their hard earned money on ale. The mood is very celebratory as most of them have never seen so much gold in one place.

At the request of the Thorns, Magdeline Flintjaw begins to develop a construction company. The Thorns provide 100,000 gold for this purpose. She also begins to recruit some dependable Dwarven muscle.

William “Billy” Gerard begins to forge documents regarding the Briarthorn noble household.

Milfay Undercobble begins teaching the recruits to infiltrate the city watch.

Yaril is assigned to scout the catacombs in the Labyrinth.

Vance Greyholm begins work on some goggles of dark vision.

A guild meeting occurs later and the party agrees to spend their remaining 30,000 on the purchase of the basilisk quarry to provide the stone for their new construction venture. It is also mentioned that some better ventilation for the catacombs should be investigated.

The Thorns set off to search for Clark’s father. Where Clark’s home once stood is a partially collapsed, burn husk of a building. After some investigation they find a body in the ash. They determine it to be body of Falcor Farthrower, James Wainwright’s assistant.

Knowing that the refugees from The Great Fire of Ferros have established an encampment outside of the city organized by Sir Byron Alexson, they decide it is the best place to search for James.

When they arrive, they find the camp well-organized and patrolled by deputized citizens. Everyone in the camp seems to be working on something. Quinn heals dozens of people at the refugee medical tents.

Clark finds his father sitting on the ground, working on a broken wagon wheel. Quinn heals James’ broken leg and Clark gives him Falcor’s locket. Clark offers to provide housing for his father, but his father says that bad things happen and that he is comfortable in the encampment, feeling as though he has a purpose as the community pulls together in hard times.

The Thorns track down Delaine Walker who managed to get his family out of the fire alive with the wagons and donkeys for the corpse collecting. He is camping outside of town in a large tent well away from both the Tanner’s Alley encampment and the Dwarven tent city encampment. They provide instructions from “Lord Briarthorn” to hire James Wainwright to build more wagons for the business. He readily agrees.

Chapter 13: The Tanner's District
"Some mistakes were made..."
Chapter 12: A Barrel of Laughs
Sanctuary... almost.
Chapter 11: The Dwarf Fortress

After the botched assassination job, Magdeline Flintjaw suggest that the Thorns, and especially Lilly O’Reilly lay low for a while, as the city watch is actively looking for half orc women of her description regarding what happened on the harbour. Clark Wainwright suggests that Lilly stay in the catacombs for a while, and then disguises himself and ventures as he pleases.

A month goes by and the party busies themselves with their various projects. Gregory (Banner) Smith spends some time towards crafting his plate mail armour. Badger works on his various experiments, and Clarke keeps a lookout for trouble over his mugs of ale. Maggie recruits some trusted Dwarven workers and sets them to work securing the catacombs by walling off an area under the Rat’s Nest with sturdy doors that can be barred from the inside once the materials from the quarry arrive. Lilly sets to work along side the dwarves despite her prejudice against them in order to keep busy and make the time go by. Eventually, her prejudice is lessened as she can empathize with how difficult it can be to live underground, and the affect it can have on a person. During this time, Quinn arrives at Inn and makes his introductions. Quinn appears to be a very capable fellow and Maggie has Clarke vet the young man as a probationary member to be recruited. Clarke is eventually sent on a special mission by Maggie outside of the Inn.

Mask arrives to The Rat’s Nest on behalf of Lord Drake Worthington. Lord Worthington has been busy with an excavation a day outside of Ferros at the site of some truly ancient Dwarven ruins. Lord Worthington would like to call in the favour the Thorns owe in order to secure their help in exploring the ruins. Greg, Lilly, Badger, and Quinn accompany Mask to the dig site. They find numerous pots, urns and artifacts carefully labeled and cataloged in tents all around a large circular dig site with a stone entranceway at the bottom.

Lord Worthington explains how the site was discovered when a farmer attempted to remove what he though was a stone from his field, but the more he kept digging, the more he uncovered. Not knowing what to do, he asked his local lord who eventually put him in touch with Lord Worthington. Now, the entrance to the Dwarven fortress has been uncovered and a small opening has been cut through the ancient doors. Lord Worthington says he believes this site may be the oldest known Dwarven ruins in existence. The Thorns agree to explore the ruins on the condition that they may leave with all of the treasure that they can carry, if there is any treasure. Lord Worthington agrees as long as they promise to turn over any written or cultural knowledge they find over to him to copy first, and that they do their best to leave the ruins intact.

The party descends into the darkness. They come into a large square entranceway and find a long bridge over a chasm. Badger drops a rock into the chasm but does not hear anything indicating a bottom. At the opposite end of the bridge are four stone statues of Dwarves.

Chapter 10: A Boatload of Trouble

Magdeline Flintjaw informs the party of a mission that would require the Thorns to assassinate a high level diplomat leaving the docks of Ferros within three days time. Unfortunately, the name and description of the diplomat is a close kept secret by the Imperial Government. The only information available is that the target is an Ambassador of the Empire and that The Sea Hag, the ship that the ambassador is setting out on will leave in three days time.

The conversation is cut short when a newcomer arrives to the Inn named Yorveth, from Aerd Shien in the elven lands. He states that he was informed of an up-and-coming outfit that could benefit the city and pledges his help. Always requiring skilled help, the group cautiously accepts, though Maggie asks Clarke to keep an eye on him.

The party sets to work. Ever the diplomat, Clark Wainwright visits the Falconers to alert them to the upcoming job as it is taking place on their territory. The Falconers state that they have no interest in the Sea Hag, and wish the Thorns the best of luck, and even provide a row boat and some of their home crafted poisons for the group’s use in exchange for 20% of the Thorn’s earnings for the job.

Yorveth and Badger Cobblesprocket arrive at the Imperial Trading House on the docks which keep track of ship manifests, and destinations to better coordinate trade within the Empire. Using their charm, distraction, and no small amount of magic, the pair is able to get a look at the manifest of the Sea Hag and learn that the ship is owned by a Captain Berkley, has a crew compliment of 42 sailors, and will be taking a hold filled with cotton along with five passengers to the Spice Islands. Using this information, Lilly O’Reilly, and Gregory (Banner) Smith visit the Salted Oyster, a favoured drinking den at the docks. There they learn that the Sea Hag is crewed mainly by former navy members including Captain Berkley who was a naval officer.

Bringing this information together, the party hatches a scheme to get some of their members aboard the ship. Clarke poses as an inexperienced labourer looking to get away from land and learn to sail. Reluctant to take un untrained seamen, Berkley is overcome by Clarke’s charm and enthusiasm and accepts him a crew member. He sends Clarke below to stow his gear. Clarke volunteers to peel potatoes for the ship’s cook and uses the Falconer’s poisons, slipping them into the stew. The cook catches Clarke and asks Clarke what he’s doing. Clarke takes a large spoonful of the stew and states he is adding some of this mother’s best spices to bring out the flavour and takes a bite of the poison to allay suspicion.

Yorveth and Greg use some of the guild’s funds to purchase a bolt of fine elven silk, and disguise themselves as merchants. They request to board the Sea Hag to do business with the captain. The captain is impressed by their wares but admits that his hold is already full and will not be able to take any more wares across the waters. Yorveth states this is fine, as he would rather set up business with the buyers prior to risking his wares on the open water and convinces the captain to become his parter in business as an exclusive shipper of the silk goods, repeating the phrase early retirement throughout his pitch. The captain agrees to take the two on as passengers for this business, stating they may have his cabin for the voyage as the guest cabin is already spoken for.

The crew of the Sea Hag eats dinner. Soon the sickness is apparent with diarrhea and vomiting throughout the ship. Captain Berkley damns his luck and orders the ship to cast off and fly the signals of a plague ship. The ship anchors in the middle of the harbour well away from the rest of the assembled merchant ships. The cook, already and old and weary man is overcome by the poison and passes away, leaving Clarke’s cover intact.

On shore, Lilly intercepts a runner sent by the docks to inform the Keep of the ship’s status. Overcoming her goto nature of killing first and not bothering with the questions, she “invites” the runner to drink with her, and keep drinking with her for the remainder of the evening. She pays him a few gold and tells him to stay in the bar, and he thanks her for not killing him. Lilly, Rhogar Bronzeblood, and Badger make ready to intercept the ambassador on the shore. Thanks to the intervention of the Falconers, the docks are all but deserted when night comes. The Ambassador, an uncommonly portly elf, as well as four knights arrive at the docks on horseback. The trio await them near the row boat and inform the ambassador of the change of plans, due to docking disputes, and that they will row the ambassador to the ship. Unable to see the colour of the flags flying on the ship at night time, the ambassador is not aware of it’s plague status. The group also states that they will likely not be able to take the knights out all at once, or in their heavy armour. The knights begin to protest, but the ambassador, eager to be on his way stops them mid-sentence. Two knights step forward and strip their plate mail, leaving it with their coleagues. With these knights, the ambassador and the two bodyguards board the rowboat and the group makes their way out to the Sea Hag.

Halfway across the water, the Thorns ambush the trio. The Ambassador, a wizard of some skill protects himself inside of an impenetrable circle of magic and Badger uses his own magic to convince one to jump out of the boat. The remaining knight fights valiantly but is overcome by Rhogar and Lilly. The charm wears off and the remaining knight attempts to swim to safety despite ranged attacks by the party on the rowboat. The Elven Ambassador is knocked onto the water but floats on top of it inside the circular bubble around him. Desperate to accomplish their mission, Badger has Lilly use the experimental weapon that the alchemist’s guild entrusted him and throws the jar into the open water. Badger blasts it with his magic and dark, sickly greenish cloud begins to spread ominously from it.

Unfortunately, the bodyguard who survived managed to swim the rest of the way to the Sea Hag, narrowly avoiding drowning, and several less than pleasant creatures that inhabit the harbour. He brings word of the ambush to Captain Berkley, and the crew including a description of the attackers. Captain Berkley sends the survivor below deck to be fed and to get a change of clothes. Shortly afterward, the toxins in the stew overcome the weary bodyguard and he passes away. The captain ascertains that the food has been poisoned, and beings to put the puzzle pieces together. His thought process is interrupted by the arrival of the rowboat crew who come aboard posing as clerics to ascertain the severity of the plague. Having the description of the attacks, Berkley for once is not fooled and order his crew to arrest them. Lilly, Rhogar, and Badger escape the ship onto the rowboat but find themselves the target of crossbow fire. Clarke is too weakened by the poison to fight and decides to preserve his cover. Yorveth seems to disappear in the confusion, and Greg, inhibits some of the crossbow fire by getting in the way while appearing to try and help.

Lilly rows furiously despite several telling shots making her appear as a pincushion. Rhogar appears to pass out from his wounds. Only when Lilly arrives on shore does she realize that Rhogar Bronzeblood has died from his injuries. Out of respect, she loots his corpse and burns his body with driftwood after confirming with Badger that Rhogar is truly dead.

Clarke and Greg sneak off on the real cleric aid boats that arrive to help the next day and regroup with the survivors the next day. They learn that the ambassador escaped, though his trip was at least delayed. The chests he had taken on the boat contained 2000 gold pieces, now added to the guild coffers, though it cost them the life of a friend to earn it.

Chapter 9: The Thieves' Guild

The Thorns utilize magical illusions, trickery, and blunt force trauma to whittle down the superior trained force they find themselves up against, though they narrowly survive the ambush they set for Count Ferbin Rhyis‘s men, and Clark Wainwright, the last Thorn standing loses consciousness from blood loss. Some time later the Thorns awake to find themselves in the same cage wagon they used to spring the prisoners, though this time, it is unlocked. One of the men driving the wagon introduces himself as Santos, the defacto leader of the rescued thieves and he thanks the Thorns for the rescue. Badger Cobblesprocket uses his convincing powers of persuasion to offer the thieves safe harbour at The Rat’s Nest Inn, as well as future employment as upstanding members of their up and coming Thieves’ Guild. Deciding it is best to get in on the ground floor of this endeavour, and with few other options from their newly acquired fugitive status within the Empire, the thieves agree and are inducted into the formal membership of the Thieves’ Guild.

Clarke drafts a formal charter for the Guild and all involved sign the document with the exception of Magdeline Flintjaw. Clarke tries unsuccessfully to guess at her reservations and ponders this to Gregory (Banner) Smith. Greg, with an in depth knowledge of Dwarven culture, informs him that it is likely due to the democratic nature of the charter, as the rise of Democracy among the Dwarves was widely believed to have caused the downfall of the Dwarven Kingdom, contributing to the Goblin Wars and causing the refugee crisis plaguing Ferros. In the Boneways, Greg sets to work training the newly acquired members in the basics of hand to hand combat and small unit tactics. Despite any former training, the thieves warm to Greg’s effective teachings and within two weeks, prove themselves to be an effective combat force.

During this time, the Thorns recover from their wounds and tend to personal business. Badger’s mother comes to town, having retired from her tailoring shop after entrusting the family business to her eldest daughter, Badger’s older sister. Maggie hosts a supper to mark the visit and Badger introduces his friends to his mother as business associates, though he is reluctant to explain the nature of their business. Clarke chimes in that they manage a small theatre group for select noble patrons. Badger’s mother insists that her time is best spent finding an appropriate woman of standing for Badger to marry. Badger eventually acquiesces.

After the supper, Maggie informs the group of a potential mission that could net the guild some important contacts and give them some much needed income.


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