Lord of the Boneways


A shadowy figure only glimpsed at during an excursion into the crypts of Ferros until being captured by Milfay Undercobble. Yaril is a scrawny, kobold on the borderline of being emaciated. He moves quickly and quietly, and is often speaking to himself, a side effect of the many years he spent alone in the catacombs.


Yaril avoids direct combat preferring not to engage superior numbers. He attacks from a distance with darts and blowguns from shadowy recesses.

The Thorns learned some of Yaril’s history when they discovered some letters from Yaril’s sister who invited him to Ferros to join the Thieve’s Guild.

Yaril was a new recruit of the Thieves’ Guild shortly before it was destroyed. He joined the guild at the behest of his sister as the guild did no discriminate based on race, finding Kobolds and other smaller races particularly useful for certain jobs and missions. Yaril is one of the few thieves to have escaped annihilation during the purge by seeking refuge in the forgotten crypts beneath the city where he has been living for the last ten years. He possesses an excellent sense of direction, a knack with poisons, traps and locks, and he possesses a fondness for animals. He trained and bred rats for protection and company.

Yaril was captured by the Thorns during a training exercise for their new recruits and shortly afterward was convinced by Clark Wainwright to join them. Yaril is skilled at crafting poisons and mapping the boneways on behalf of the guild. Magdeline Flintjaw, who does not like kobolds or goblinoids felt pity for the creature after seeing the emaciated form. Yaril is somewhat eccentric after having survived for so long alone and often speaks to himself or his rats.

Crafting: Yaril can craft potions and poisons for the guild. the crafting rules follow the normal optional rules for potion making. For the purposes of potion making, he is considered to be the same level as the party. The advantage of having Yaril craft the potions is the time the party does not have to spend doing it. If Yaril is crafting a poison, the time and cost is reduced by 25%, as Yaril has learned over many years to make due with what he has.


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