A gifted child


Let me whisper so all can tell
A sad tale of a girl named Annabelle
She was born to parents who
Only knew each other for a night or two
When she was old enough
Her mother brought her to her fathers with all her stuff
From then till a time he taught wonders grand
But from his library she was banned
Allas one night while she lay in her bed
A deep dark voice tickled her head
Into the depths the young girl snuck
For her father’s rules she did not give a fuck
There she found upon a stand
A gigantic book with a dim light o’so grand
Once opening the tome she could see
The depth and breadth of eternity
Whisked away suddenly
Bagged and beaten she found herself to be
With tears upon her father’s face
He left her in a ditch without a trace
A breath from death she gave in
The voice she now knew to be a sin
He fills her mind with twisted spells
And to him her soul she sells.

Tears was slain during a melee at the Rat’s Nest Inn.


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