Taber Mc'Karin

A dwarven administrator


Taber is a grizzled and worldly old Dwarf who commands an aura of patient authority. He often has a variety of tools on his person.


Taber was once the head of a the Goblin Skull miners guild, a Dwarven mining Co-op in the southern mountains. The fall of the Dwarven monarchy had given rise to a number of independent enterprises such as the Goblin Skull miners, and they had met with a great deal of success prior to the troubles. Due to the increasing danger in the area of operation, and with no monarch to organize a coordinated defence of Dwarven territory, many of the independent factions suffered catastrophic losses of men, territory and resources. Taber joined many other disenfranchised Dwarves in the great exodus and ended up in Ferros.

His natural skill with administration went to waste for several years as he performed odd jobs to get by. While performing some repair work for the Tinker’s Guild, following an explosion in the workshop that killed their leader, he discovered that the guild was fractured and directionless with many of the would be genius inventors vying for the role of guild master strictly for the prestige it would bring and with no solid plan for leadership. As this competition intensified, so too did that damage to the workshop and much of Taber’s freshly completed repair work. Finally, at wits end, Taber lost his temper and loudly scolded the guild as a whole, berating them for acting no better than children. He went off for nearly a half hour about how for all of their genius, none of the men present were fit to tie their own boot laces, let alone run a guild, balance the books and create a codified set of policies and procedures for the guild to follow. The Tinker’s guild, mostly consisting of Gnomes, were at first afraid, then skeptical, and finally impressed as the rant continued. By the end, two of the senior contenders approached Taber and asked if he would consider acting as an administrator for the guild. Taken aback, Taber accepted the offer and has acted as guild leader from that moment on.

Taber has made a lot of improvements to the Tinker’s Guild since his election and now the entire building is constructed from reinforced stone. The books are balanced, and many rules and policies are in place for directing project funding, ethical responsibilities of the inventors, and the settling of disputes between guild members. While Taber is not an inventor or even a particularly skilled Tinker, his members are happy with his leadership and for the opportunity to focus on their inventions. The post of guild master is no longer a position of prestige for the guild, but one that is now viewed as a necessary and somewhat unwanted position to keep the guild functioning.

Despite his outburst, Taber is a particularly patient man and is able to competently navigate the web of Gnomish shenanigans associated with his role. He is a respected member of the Ferros community and much of the racism directed towards Dwarves in the city often excludes him as he is viewed as “one of the good ones”.

Taber Mc'Karin

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