A likeable rogue


Tall, broad shouldered, and handsome.


Santos is the defacto leader of a group of thieves who were operating out of Ferros. Santos and his gang of ne’er do wells were rescued by the Thorns in a daring attack on their prison wagon while in transit to be hanged by Count Ferbin Rhyis at his estate as an example to thieves in Ferros. Though the Thorns defeated all but one of the Count’s men, they managed to unlock the prison wagon before falling unconscious from their wounds. Santos led his men to chase away the last of the guards, and grabbing The Thorns before escaping the area.

When the group regained consciousness, Clark Wainwright convinced the thieves to join them. Santos is a more experienced and seasoned criminal than the rest of the thieves and his skills have blossomed under the training of Milfay Undercobble, and Gregory (Banner) Smith. He was tasked with infiltrating the city watch and providing information for the Thorns.


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