Rhogar Bronzeblood

Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut


Lvl 2 Brass Dragonborn Cleric (CG)
STR 19
DEX 11
CON 15
INT 12
WIS 17
CHA 14
Speed 30
Passive Perception 13
AC 18
Dmg Resist: Fire


Rhogar was but an egg when he first entered the city, and was found at the foot of the shire of Bahamut by the priests that tend to the less followed gods. Taking this as a sign, the priests raised Rhogar themselves, teaching him the same as they would any acolyte. He grew quickly, and strove to learn everything he could about the gods, particularly Bahamut. This broad study led to a respect for all gods and forms of worship, despite his personal affiliations; though it also leads to him (mis)quoting scripture on a regular basis.

Despite the reactions to Rhogar’s unusual appearance, he does his best to spread the word of Bahamut and to repay the kindness of the priests by upholding the values and tenants they taught him. He does his very best to be the very image of Bahamut in the world, though this has lead to Rhogar trusting strangers too easily who claim to follow Bahamut, as fellow believers are rare.

Lately, Rhogar has been assisting Maggie in her efforts to restore the Thieves Guild, not out of greed or self interest but because he fully believes in her ideal of protecting the people by beating the aristocracy at their own game, by whatever means he and his companions can.

Rhogar was killed in a hail of crossbow bolts from the crew of the Sea Hag during a botched infiltration attempt. Lilly O’Reilly burned Rhogar’s body out of respect. Rhogar was wearing a special magical ring of mind shielding when he died that currently preserves his spirit in the realm of the living. He is able to communicate with whomever is wearing it. The ring is currently being worn by Clark Wainwright who often asks Rhogar’s nonsensical opinion on philosophical religious matters.

Rhogar Bronzeblood

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