A skilled valet


Mask is a slight and unassuming bald valet. He moves with the practiced grace of a skilled servant and rarely speaks, preferring to go unnoticed during his master’s business.


Mask was the seventh child of a minor noble household of Theeds, one of the great city states in the Empire. As is custom, the seventh child is given to either a church or monastery following their seventh birthday as praise to the gods and the natural order. Mask was given the choice of where he would end up, and hearing of the great feats that monks were able to accomplish, quickly begged his parents to be sent to the Heaven’s Gate monastery in the eastern mountains of the Empire.

A natural athlete, Mask took to his training like boar to goring and made his way through many of the tests for students at the monastery. Training from a young age granted him an advantage over many of the other students, as did his natural affinity for martial arts and physical feats. Unfortunately, Mask let this go to his head, feeling that he was better than many of the other students, earning their ire and frustrating his teachers.

Things were headed to conflict before Drake Worthington arrived at the monastery with a small expedition seeking copies of ancient texts housed by the Heaven’s Gate library. Worthington donated a significant amount of funds to the monastery, and in gratitude, they decided to grant him Mask, their foremost student. Mask was to act as a guardian and servant to Worthington. Initially Mask was furious with the decision and challenged Silent Waters, one of the monastery’s elder monks, to personal combat over the issue. However, Mask was soundly beaten and Silent Waters explained that if Mask wished to become a master of the order and himself, he must first become a servant to the world. The bruised Mask left with Worthington the following day to the city of Ferros.

Mask has been with Worthington for three years now and has learned to cook, clean, file books, scrolls, and documents, and even perform some gardening and laundry tasks. He acts as a butler and bodyguard to Worthington and has even come to respect the man for his vast knowledge, though he is often frustrated by Worthington’s overly trusting nature. Mask spends his evening honing his skills in Worthington’s garden and travels back to the Heaven’s Gate monastery twice a year to continue his training; once in the summer and once in the winter for a month each time.

Silent Waters has noticed a marked improvement in Mask’s outlook and has began to instruct the young monk in the more advanced techniques that their order has to offer.


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