Magdeline Flintjaw

A Matronly Dwarven Innkeeper


A stout, handsome woman entering her middle years. Her expression has changed over the years from a welcoming and motherly smile to a look of fierce determination. She bears some scars from her former adventuring days.


Magdeline, or Maggie as most tend to call her, is a matronly figurehead in the poorer and Dwarven communities. She has often put herself out for the benefit of the needy but has grown weary of fighting an uphill battle. The constant stream of Dwarven refugees has flooded the city beyond capacity and crime is at an all time high with many innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire.

Maggie has decided to take a more assertive roll in the community and has gathered the heroes together with the hopes of forming a new Thieves’ Guild in the city to regulate the crime and protect the innocent.

Magdeline Flintjaw

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