Lord Rolf

A recently landed noble


Lord Rolf is a newly appointed noble who spends a lot of time on his appearance. He never misses an opportunity to remind the commoners of his station, though he seems somewhat melancholy.


Lord Rolf is a newly appointed noble, though he doesn’t say much about the deeds that landed him the title. Lord Rolf owns a few small holdings, somewhere far away, that he doesn’t really administer to, choosing instead to earn his money in business at which he appears to be at least somewhat competent. Rumours from Lady Aurelie Selse indicate that he has some sort of arrangement with the Alchemist’s guild. He has the most expansive garden in Ferros, boasting some very exotic plants. Even Lady Selse doesn’t know how Rolf earned his title, only that it was “in service of the Empire”.

Lord Rolf

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