Hank Gunnarson

An "honest" jeweller


Hank is an older fellow with a friendly demeanour, a ready smile and a persuasive tone.


Hank Gunnarson was born in the city of Trenton, and learned the way of cutting precious stones and forging beautiful jewelry from his uncle. He had to leave the city after having a run-in with the city watch for his “alleged” dealings with the local thieves guild. Hank arrived in Ferros several years ago to start fresh and established a jewellery business, promoting himself as an honest city merchant and works very hard to maintain this perception.

Despite this claim, he will purchase jewelry from anyone, often creating a back story for the deal, and reforging questionable acquisitions into different products so as to avoid suspicion. Hank has one, very large attendant to provide security for his customers, and his wares.

Clarke Wainwright has a “working” relationship with Hank Gunnarson and the merchant acts as a fence for acquired jewels, gems, and precious metals and stones. Hank offers better prices than most other fences in the city, though his criteria is more specific.

Hank Gunnarson

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