Gregory (Banner) Smith

An Honest Human Smith and part-time Warrior


Gregory is a tall man, with dark brown hair, olive skin and striking hazel eyes.
If not for his messy hair, tarnished armor and stained clothes, one might believe him to be of noble birth.
His meager earnings as a small time smith don’t allow him much in the way of luxurious accommodations. Until recently, he barely made enough coin to pay his guild dues, and could be seen returning to the Guild Quarter each day from the depths of the Labyrinth, with nowhere else to stay.
Recently his various skills have created much opportunity for growth, and with the help of the Thorns he seeks to create an empire underneath the City, using great strength to lift it from corruption and squalor.

To those who have met Greg, he seems a pleasant and honest man, with a positive attitude and the spirit to get the job done. But those who cross him will discover another side, dark and remorseless. When Gregory feels his life or the lives of those he trusts are in danger, he will seek out the fastest and most efficient means of his opponent’s demise at any cost.


Gregory’s favoured weapon, the war-hammer, with war-pick on the opposing side.


Born to a noble family, Greg was trained in the ways of etiquette, swordsmanship and history from a young age. When it came to martial training, he was a natural, able to best his peers and even some of his elders in combat, he clearly had a competitive spark. Greg didn’t really mix well with his peers, instead developing a strong friendship with the family blacksmith, Robert Faber, who was often tasked with creating smaller versions of weapons for Greg to practice with.

During the great purge, house Banner was seen as unfit to lead the city, and all members were stripped of their rank and title by the White Hand. The Banner’s ties to the thieves guild, for use in trade and protection, were not looked kindly upon. Their estate was razed and a young Gregory Banner was rescued by his only friend, the dwarven blacksmith Robert. They fled the estate to the Labyrinth, hiding where they could and eking out a living by blacksmithing while avoiding too much attention. Unfortunately the new City Watch was suspicious of all dwarves, and quickly found a reason to remove Robert from power banishing the dwarf from the City, forcing Gregory to take over the smithing business they both worked so hard to create.

Recently Gregory has befriended Clark Wainright and they have become accomplices in some daring plans to re-establish the Thieves guild and (in Greg’s eyes) restore political freedom to the people of the City.

Gregory (Banner) Smith

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