Frank Codger

A questionable merchant


Frank is a well-fed, portly, middle aged man who always seems to have a reasonable explanation for the prices he charges.


Frank is a merchant, like his father before him. He learned the trade by watching his father haggling from a very young age and quickly learned the value of coin. Frank decided not to have a family or children of his own because he knows how expensive a family can be, choosing instead to frequent the city’s brothels where there are always a fresh influx of desperate young women to spend his coin on. Frank knows better than anyone that morality can get in the way of profit and so, is willing to buy or sell almost anything. He doesn’t ask questions, a trait that his customers greatly appreciate, despite his sometimes ridiculous prices. Frank is has bought from and sold to many gangs, thieves and criminals in the city, and he pays his protection money at the bazaar.

Badger stumbled upon Frank while trying to track down his stolen book of Lore and had to pay ten gold pieces just to get it back. Still, the encounter introduced the Thorns to a fence for their ill gotten gains.

Frank Codger

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