Empress Qira Starwhisper

Rogue Empress


The Starwhispers are descended of elves, dragons and humans, though the bloodlines have been greatly diluted, some innate magic remains in the family. These often result in pleasing features and extended lifespan of the royal family. The Empress possesses the rare features of black hair and gold eyes with skin fair, like the moon.


Shortly after the death of her older brother following the Northern war, the Empress was coronated and enacted the will of her dead father. She set up a parliament consisting of elected officials and nobles to govern the affairs of the Empire. Within a year, she had drafted several legions and disappeared with her army and the third Imperial fleet. There has been no word of her for nearly a year and it is believed that her location is known only to the Archdukes.

Empress Qira Starwhisper

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