A foreign warrior


Tall, lean and dark skinned. Dolan wears the silken garb and exotic weapons of a foreigner.


Dolan is one of the Falconers who sailed across the ocean to help . Dolan is a capable fighter who fought for a Pashar of some renown for many years before the Pashar died during campaign. Dolan worked as a sellsword for some years following before his father passed away and he returned home for the funeral. Learning that his sister Mishka, planned on going overseas to the land of heathens, he assumed his role as the head of his household and forbade from doing so. Mishka challenged him to try and stop her. Reluctant to raise a hand against his own sister, Dolan joined her in the expedition under the command of Amir K’Tar to at least protect her. Dolan has an innate dislike of Ferros coloured by years of socialization against the Empire and all that it stands for. That being said, he has come to respect many of the people who live in it.


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