Badger Cobblesprocket

A cheerful gnome wizard


“A quick wit and cheerful demeanor go far in a world dominated by people and creatures two or three times your size,” -Badger Cobblesprocket.

An alchemist, a tinkerer, and a wizard all rolled up into one, Badger is dedicated to a life of building and testing wacky inventions for the tinker’s guild and having a little fun along the way.

If he isn’t the direct cause of present chaos and anarchy, he tends to prefer to avoid it, guided by his belief the mischevious antics he instigates comes from a pure heart and good nature that ultimately serve the greater good.

His preferred combat method is ‘charm and disarm,’ trying to turn foes into friends, which is good for one’s personal health and pocketbook. When pressed, he’s likely to try and make a deal before making an unceremonious retreat (fleeing in fear.)

In the end, Badger is fun to be around, but even his best friends try to put a little distance between Badger and themselves before he flips the switch on his latest gadget.

Badger Cobblesprocket

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