The Platinum Dragon, King of the Good Dragons, Lord of the Winds


Comparable in age to his sister Tiamat, Bahamut is somewhere between 2 and 4 million years old. Son of Io, he was hatched from an egg, and did not spontaneously generate from pure belief as some other gods. Furthermore, his divine power is not derived from worship at all- he is self existant and self powerful, needing no one to even remember his name to retain his full potential. Instead, his divine energies were syphoned from the universe itself over the course of his many eons of life.

His scales are more than perfect mirrors, reflecting every nuance of those who gaze into them, right down to their very souls. He glows even in the dimmest light, seeming to amplify any thing that is good. His cat-like eyes are stark blue, varying in hue from the icy-cold indigo of a glacier, to the deep azure or cerulean glow of the sky. In the center of his forhead is a long, spiral horn resembling that of a unicorn’s.

Bahamut has always been a kindly and righteous soul, loving all that is good. He is compassionate and highly respected for his great wisdom. He has nearly limitless compassion for the weak, downtrodden, unloved, and the helpless. He forgives easily, yet has no tolerance for evil in any form.

Little is known about Bahamut’s personal history except from the account’s of others. Tiamat blames him personally for the exile of her first husband, though the truth of this is debatable. It is known that he has personally befriended seven golden dragons of great wyrm status, who come to his call and do his bidding. However, the specifics of what his friends accomplish are also hidden from sight or lost to time, or perhaps instead are so established that people might believe that things were always this way, and would scoff to think that the wonderful things in their life were made available because of the efforts of Bahamut.


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