Rogue Empire

Chapter 3: The Deed Deed

(Excerpted from King Doggerel’s Musings on a Revolution (aka Clark Wainwright’s Journal))

Can any system that is built upon oppression of the lower classes truly be called “legal”? Nevertheless, until the glorious revolution, the law must be considered. However, if the law can be a cudgel, it can also be a shield. To that end, Maggy tasked The Thorns (the name which we have tentatively decided to go by) with procuring the deed to the land the Rat’s Nest sits upon from the Worthington family, by any means necessary.

We decided to investigate the Worthington estate during the day, and on the way I called upon my father. Apparently my father has hired a stout man by the name of Falkor to aid him, which salves my conscience somewhat; knowing that my father has competent help in plying his trade frees me up to pursue my more noble philosophical goal. My father also presented me with a “coming-of-age” gift from my mother – how nice of the lady to notice us.

In the Guild Quarter, Rhogar and I decided to masquerade as missionaries (although it was less of a masquerade for him…) to get an inside view of the estate, while Greg, Badger, and Tears scouted the exterior. Rhogar and I were pleased to find that Drake Worthington was an affable, if distractible young man. While Rhogar and Drake debated the finer points of Bahamutian theology, I slipped away to prepare a point of egress for later in the evening. After convincing Drake to make a donation to the temple of Bahamut (so that Bahamut would not strike me down for using his name under false pretenses) we returned to the Rat’s Nest to make our plan. I made note of Drake’s valet, however – although he appeared unassuming, he carried himself with assurance, and moved with a dancer’s grace.

Badger objected to the plan to steal the deed from Drake, but Tears and Greg overruled him. I convinced Greg to leave behind his army, and after strenuous arguing, to leave behind all but a few weapons. Under the cloak of darkness and rain, we returned to the Worthington estate and entered the window I had left open earlier, while Rhogar kept watch below.

Greg, lacking the ability to see in the dark, remained behind to cover our exit, while I searched upstairs, Tears searched the library, and Badger made a beeline for the kitchen. While searching upstairs, I heard a scuffle and stealthily made my way back to the window, where I found Greg beaten unconscious. Peering out the window, I noticed the same fate had befallen Rhogar, and a figure was heading to the manor. With care, I lowered Greg’s unconscious form out into the garden and followed him, while the figure returned to the house. I dragged Greg over to Rhogar, and just managed to wake the slumbering dragonborn (just like the boar all over again…) when someone called out to us in the darkness. I took that opportunity to beat a tactical retreat, and returned to the Rat’s Nest to talk strategy with Maggie… If we were going to create another new thieves guild, then time was of the essence.

Fortunately, while we were discussing possible replacements, our companions returned unharmed (save for Greg’s pride). Apparently Tears had convinced Lord Worthington of our value and that we should not only not be given over to the city watch, but that we should be given the deed we originally sought, in exchange for some acts of derring-do on Worthington’s behalf. Personally I think she was able to negotiate with him because he is as addled as she is, but all’s well that end’s well. Although Worthington has benefited from a station that is built on oppresion, he seems like a nice enough fellow, and I’m happy to have him as a friend instead of an enemy. And I’m glad my friends weren’t killed by that beastly Mask fellow – assembling a new thieves guild would have taken ages.


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