Rogue Empire

Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings

Magdeline Flintjaw gathers the party together in her Inn, the Rat’s Nest with a humble proposal to establish a Thieves Guild within the city once again in the hopes of regulating the unchecked crime that is plaguing the poorer districts of the city. The party agrees to this plan, fed up with the dangerous state of the city.

Maggie sends the group into the sealed crypts below the city via a hole she dug in her cellar in order to explore and map the catacombs and secure a large area to act as a hidden base and treasure vault for when business begins to pick up.

Before the excursion, Badger Cobblesprocket, a field tester for the Tinker’s Guild picks up a portable earthquake device to test in a place that definitely isn’t the city.

The party ventures into the depths, beginning to map the crypts and comes across several large rats that attack them as they get deeper into the underbelly of the city. Fighting their way through the hostile vermin, the party discovers signs of intelligent habitation in the ancient crypts, including a well maintained statue of a mischief god. They are attacked again, this time, suffering from poison darts shooting from the darkness.

Fighting their way through the tunnels, they come across a large room like the one Maggie had described and find that it has been set up as a makeshift home for whatever creature has been attacking them where it has been raising and training rats.

Clark Wainwright attempts to converse with the creature but is overruled by the more hot-headed members of the group who charge into the darkness throwing axes and insults. narrowly escapes the party’s wrath, fleeing into the endless corridors of the crypts while the party secures the area and liberates anything worth taking including several letters written in a goblin dialect.

The party returns to the Rat’s Nest with several giant rat carcasses in tow and Maggie cleans and butchers the viable rats for use in her cooking as meat tends to be expensive and hard to come by in Ferros for the poor.


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