Rogue Empire

Chapter 7: Acquisitions

The Thorns meet for breakfast and discuss their plans to perform robberies on some of the nobles’ homes, at least, the ones who plan on attending displaying of the armour of the Duke of Trent. A load of stones from the quarry finally arrives.

Badger Cobblesprocket, curious about the flares used by the city watch, investigates with the Alchemist’s guild and the Tinker’s Guild. He leverages his membership to gain access to both the recipe for the powder used in the flares and the schematics for the flares and flare guns. Lilly O’Reilly helps Magdeline Flintjaw to begin construction in the Boneways with the help of four other Dwarves. Gregory (Banner) Smith meets with Delaine Walker to pass on a message from Lord Briarthorn (one of Clark Wainwright’s alter egos). He requests information regarding a night soil collection cart. Walker indicates that he will help get a night soil business started to compete with the existing businesses but it would require a special set of wagons acquired through “Lord” Cooper, one of the gang leaders in the Labyrinth. Rogar prays. Clark drinks all morning under the guise of acting as an information coordinator.

Greg and Rogar go to acquire a shit wagon at Clark’s behest. They go to a bar known as the Shit Hole in Tanner’s Alley, a bar frequented only by night soil workers. The duo manage to overcome the smell and make some inroads with the Dwarves there, finding one (Jole Flintcracker) that will allow them to rob him of his wagon the next day in exchange for a substantial amount of gold. He will also keep his ear to the ground for them for future intel.

William “Billy” Gerard shows Clark his finished map of the city, made up of multiple sheets of parchment the cover a wall in the cellar. The map indicates most points of interest in the city, all of the guilds in the city, and which properties are owned by which nobles. Clark rewards him with a fake jewelled ring. Billy promises to work next on official noble’s papers for Lord Briarthorn.

Lilly, Clark, and Badger attempt to scout a noble’s house. Clark and Lilly act as watchers while Badger magically alters his appearance to a nondescript human male. He teleports into the manor and begins looking around, however knocks something over in the process. This attracts the attention of a house maid. Badger attempts to hide in an armoire but fails. When the maid sees him, she screams. Badger runs into an adjacent room while she runs away and finds an older woman putting on her nightgown. This woman also screams. Badger says “Nice!” and runs into another room where a young man is retrieving a sword from the wall. He challenges Badger while two household guards run towards him from behind. Badger smashes out the bedroom window with a thunderous chromatic orb and runs through the opening, casting feather fall on the way down. Badger expends his final spell to teleport through the gate. Two flares go up from nearby city watch teams. Lilly throws Badger over her shoulder and the party flees. Several bolts fly when the group refuses to halt and Clark’s arm is nicked in the fray, but the group manages to escape.

The next day, the party “robs” the Dwarven poop wagon driver, tossing him four gold. The wagon is stored at Morningstar Manor under a tarp, the mule is taken to the Wainwright residence for safekeeping.

Badger marks a special coin to be used with a find object spell. He attempts to craft some glue but succeeds only in gluing his alchemist’s chest shut. This forces him to buy solvent from the Alchemist’s Guild to unlock his own supplies. After a few hours, he presents Clark with the coin and some glue.

The group splits into two parties. Clark and Greg accompany Lord Worthington to Count Rhyis’ party, which proves to be an immaculate affair. The party is introduced to High Arcanist Narien Silverwind, the highest recognized wizard in the Empire. She explains the history of the armour to the assembled nobles. The armour radiates power and the crowd is surprised to learn that someone is wearing it for the night when it moves. Clarke spies on lady Selse and learns that she is an adept politician. Gregory makes an appropriate and seemingly accidental blunder during the fireworks display, allowing Clark to subtly manipulate the marked coin onto the armour. At the end of the party, the High Arcanist and the armour teleport away. Unfortunately due to the range of the Arcanist’s teleportation spell, the coin is too far away to be detected. The guests are given party favours with the servants receiving ornate daggers and the nobles receiving ornate swords. Lord Worthington gives his sword to Gregory Smith.

Lily, Badger and Rogar rob one of the houses, which appears to be unguarded. Two of the household servants appear to be occupied. However, they are only able to find a meagre haul. The second house appears to be much more profitable when Badger disguises himself as Johan Amadeus and mind controls the butler into telling him where the household safe is. Badger transmutes the safe into a breakable material and Lily smash into it. They made off into the night with their shitty haul.


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