The city of Ferros is in turmoil, and though it may be difficult to see from the lofty manors of the well-to-do districts, a corruption has taken hold of the city. Nearly ten years ago, the Thieves’ Guild was driven out by righteous paladins and city officials who claimed to be championing for the people. However, the resulting power vacuum birthed numerous gangs that are vying for power and killing for as little as the clothes on a man’s back. The security once provided by the Thieves’ Guild to the poorer districts of the city is now a shadow of a memory. Every morning, the dead are collected from the streets before merchants set out their wares over bloodstained cobblestones.

Compounding the problem is a steady influx of Dwarven refugees who have been driven out of their mountain homes by demonic invaders. They find little refuge in Ferros.

For Magdeline Flintjaw, the Dwarven matron of the Rat’s Nest Inn, the course of action is clear. The city needs a new guild to preside over the criminals of Ferros. How else will the city survive? All she requires is a capable group of opportunistic adventurers to help her get things rolling. Of course, Magdeline isn’t the only one who has thought of this solution, and it’s only a matter of time before the war in the shadows spills out into the daylight.

Of course, these events are not happenstance. Chaos can only exist in the absence of order, and sometimes, what may look to be a coincidental series of events are merely part of a greater plan…

Rogue Empire

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